ALM Wholesale LTD has a wealth of experience with exporting wholesale consumer electronics. We can offer prices by Sea, Air and Road worldwide.

Whether you are a first-time buyer that needs help or an experienced buyer, we can help improve your price, ALM will provide you with a quote at the point of sale to avoid any delays.

Your ALM sales contact can provide advice and quotes for the export of any ALM product to any location in the world.

NON-EU Exporting.

Customers exporting outside the EU can be done by using ALM Wholesale’s trusted freight forwarders so you can avoid any VAT, we also accept

  • Other freight forwarders who are able to provide official shipping documents. 
  • OR if you wish to use your own method, we charge an export deposit that will be refunded once the documents have been received.

You must provide documents such as a Bill of Laden or Air Way Bill when using your own freight forwarder.

UK/EU Exporting.

  • Customers exporting to countries within the EU may be entitled to Zero Rated VAT sales, we require you to have a VAT registered business with an EU VAT code and documentation to support this.
  • Evidence of the movement of goods will also be required. Any customer unable to provide these details will be expected to pay UK VAT at the normal rate. (See VAT Explanation Video Below)
  • Wholesale customers exporting outside of the UK can choose from several options which will ensure they do not pay any unnecessary UK tax. (See VAT Explanation Video Below)


ALM Wholesale LTD offers several competitive delivery options for domestic and international shipping.

  • Deliveries can be arranged to any location in the world. Small UK pallets (up to 40 laptops) are dispatched via a next day pallet network with costs ranging from £30 – £45 .
  • For larger bulk orders (up to 150 laptops) are dispatched via a next day pallet network with costs ranging from £60 – £70.
  • International shipping is handled by a trusted UK freight forwarder and is offered at extremely competitive rates.
  • Door to door services to Ghana and Kenya are available at low cost.
  • We also offer outstanding prices for pallets & Parcels deliveries by Road to European destinations.
  • Smaller orders to worldwide destinations by parcel can save on costs so even the smaller buyer can benefit.