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Whats better, Laptop or Tablet ?

It’s not really a matter of whether tablets are better than laptops or vice versa. It’s about what type of device is right for the job at hand, which is why plenty of people own a laptop and a tablet, we list some pros and cons for both devices.

Tablet Pros & Cons
Apple’s iPad’s tablets are ideal for consuming content. They’re great tools for surfing the web, checking e-mail, Facebook, playing games, reading digital magazines and books, all while enjoying movies and music too, these devices turn on instantly and tend to last longer on a charge than your typical notebook.
The most popular tablet size is 9 to 10 inches, which is similar in dimensions to a magazine, but you’ll also find plenty of devices with 7- or 8-inch screens. These models are more portable, and can more easily fit inside a purse or jacket pocket. The iPad and similarly sized competitors tend to weigh 1.6 pounds or less, while 7- to 8-inch models weigh about a pound or less.

Regardless of the size, tablets are lighter and easier to carry than laptops.

Nevertheless, the keyboards on traditional laptops are bigger and more comfortable, and notebooks are simply better at some things, including word processing and video editing.

Laptop Pros & Cons
If your looking to get real work done, a laptop continues to be your best bet. For one, they offer a superior text input experience, especially for those who touch type.

Laptops also offer better viewing comfort, as they tend to feature larger and sharper screens. For example, the average notebook has a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels, which fits a lot more information on the display than the 1024 x 768-pixel iPad.

You also shouldn’t overlook the fact that notebooks make it easier to multitask. That’s because you can more quickly switch between applications and see all of your open apps at once.

The taskbar in Windows and the Dock on Mac OS X make it a cinch to toggle between programs. Windows 10 goes one step further with Snap, which allows you to compare open windows side by side.

In terms of weight, notebooks are heavier than tablets, but another area where notebooks excel is software. Yes, tablets offer access to lots of apps, but laptops pull ahead with the wealth of available productivity programs

So what’s best, It really comes down to what you plan to do with it. Tablets are better for play and some work, and laptops are better for work and some play.

The great thing is there’s loads of choices out on the market right now, even buying from a seller like ALM Wholesale LTD, where you can pick some some great laptops for a great price.


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