Buying High Spec Laptops From ALM Wholesale Limited

What are fully working high spec laptops?

Fully working high spec laptops will have the highest specs ranging from high end single core processors to Intel Core i7 processors. They will come with the latest styling, ram/HDD specs and are in huge demand due to the fact they are mainly consumer.

A laptop that is fully working has had all parts tested and approved using a basic software test. The laptops will be data wiped and will just require a quick windows installation before you can go on to sell the machine.

Why buy fully working high spec laptops.

Our fully working high spec consumer laptops are the latest laptops in incredibly high demand from the UK and European markets. This is due to the amazing styling of the laptops with bright colors and different patterns. They also have massive ram sizes and high capacity HDD which the public is told day in day out that they need to have. Laptops come with HDMI and also widescreen which makes watching movies really fun. However not to forget the latest processors such as the Intel core i range which come in i3, i5 and i7.

The fully working high spec consumer laptops come in different screen sizes and so you will find the standard 15.6″-17.3″ which has the highest demand due to benefits with gaming and movies. You will also find laptops with smaller screen sizes such as the 13.3″ – 14.1″ ultra book that are used more for people who travel a lot or desire something slightly smaller. Another type is the hybrid touchscreen which are generally 11.6″ screen and offer an upgrade from your tablet as you can use these as a tablet and also as a laptop.

The fully working high spec ex-corporate/business laptops are also very desirable as we have some of the latest generations such as the 5th & 6th instead of the standard wholesale 1st generation that is seen so often. This means the laptops are styled very nicely and the specs are more in line with what the public are used unlike the 1st gen core i ex-corporate laptops which have very low specs.

The laptops come with a 14 day RTB warranty on all parts excluding the battery life which is put in place to provide the customer with time to test and check all items.

How to buy fully working high spec laptops?

The laptops are regularly advertised on the website and are sold in groups. The groups are normally split by the age and power of the machine. So for example

Group 1 = 4th/5th/6th Gen laptops, AMD A10 & Gaming Laptops

Group 2 = Intel Core i5 1st 2nd & 3rd Gen Laptops

Group 3 = Intel Core i3, AMD A4, A6 & A8 Laptops.

Group 4 = Dual Core Webcam windows 7/8/10 & Touchscreen Laptops.

All groups will be sold with a take all price.

Delivery can be quoted anywhere in the world and the laptops will all be packaged on a pallet.