What effects did toxic E waste have ?

“E-waste is a problem that isn’t going away anytime soon” but together we all can make a difference, what effects does toxic E ( Electronic ) waste have ?

E-Waste accounts for 40% of the lead and 75% of heavy metals found in landfills, When e-waste is warmed up, the toxic chemicals are released into the air, damaging the atmosphere, it pollutes groundwater (kills animals), acidification of soil and it can have major effects on the human body too, lung cancer, damage to DNA, to the heart, live and spleen, it even could promote chronic damage to the brain.

What E- waste are the main causers of this ?

It’s estimated around 15-20% of all E-Waste is recycled per year, that 15-20% of 2m tonnes that UK households and companies discard on a yearly basis, the rest is simply dumped into a landfill, its also estimated around 50 million tons of E-~Waste are produced worldwide, if we think about just 15-20% of that being recycled, that would leave 42.5 million tons of E-Waste sitting in our landfills worldwide and alot of these items can we recycled & reused.

Just with Recycle Your Tec alone, we accepted all forms of items be it damaged or in working order, we recycle the item into less fortunate countries and proved these with a New Lease Of Life, if the item is unusable, our partners simply use it for parts to fix the next item, reducing the risk of being dumped into a landfill.

It worrying to think that these numbers will just keep increasing year by year as technology improves and the latest items are released, like me, I’m sure you want the latest and greatest out on the market and that’s not a bad thing, it helps provide jobs, increases our infrastructure but this shouldn’t come at a price of our health, our wildlife and environment.

The next time you buy a new phone, laptop or PC just think about what you are going to do with your old one, donating it to loved ones is a great start, but be careful on who you give the items too, you might just be giving it away thinking that all recycle companies are just that, recycling, but they might just be throwing this into a landfill regardless if the items works or if it could be reused.

Companies like Recycle Your Tec, provides a service to individuals looking to recycle used technology, be it coming from a school, business, charity and giving these items New Lease Of Life scheme, the goods are then given a new home in Africa, Asia and parts of Europe, to be enjoyed all over again.

While we can’t immediately change the world and the way we recycle right away, with a little help and understanding we can make a difference now.

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