What’s better for university a laptop or tablet?

We all understand how challenging is it to save money for university and the course you are about to undertake,having the right laptop or tablet can help with your studies but, which is right for you?

It all depends on the course you’re taking,

An Art degree – A Microsoft surface will do wonders to help with your art work, thanks to its Overall Portability and its lightweight surface pen.
Maybe your taking a law or business degree, which will require you to do alot of writing, OneNote is a great free tool for the iPad and Windows based laptops, it enables you to take notes as if it was in a well organised, digital notepad.

Tablets are a great way to take notes, but make sure you back them up at least once a week, you don’t want to lose this invaluable information.

But what’s better?

Laptops can be heavy to take to a lecture every day, but there are some really great ones on the market which are lightweight that could slip into your bag, They also run programs such as Microsoft OneNote or Word so you’re not missing out on the well-organised note taking apps, even consider using Google Docs which instantly saves your work to its exceptional cloud ( not that cloud )

Small Laptops

It’s hard to know what type of laptop you need, depending on what you’ll be using it for and what programs you’ll be running, a Core i3 or i5 would be ideal, with around a 14 -inch screen, this is quick, small and lightweight, perfect for carrying to your lectures and there’s a great range of 14-inch devices on the market right now too.

Tablets and Dual Devices

Alternatively, if you’re looking for a laptop that converts to a tablet, there are gadgets such as the Microsoft Surface. These lightweight mini laptop tablets are great for travelling with, and using in different environments; although the small screens could prove problematic when writing long assignments.

Regardless of the device you get, make sure you backup your work at least once a month, alternatively use Google Docs which saves instantly to the cloud and your account.

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